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I use the ROHO cushions because they are the best performing cushions that I can sit on. I don't want to worry about my health if I don't have to. ROHO is the best product on the market for keeping the pressure on your skin the lowest. Therefore it is the safest cushion and l...Read More
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ROHO Testimonials Deniseia Washington-Bugg Terri Kacie Clarence Sprinkle
Deniseia Washington-Bugg
chicago, IL, U.S.A
Terri Kacie
Sevierville, TN, USA
Clarence Sprinkle
Jackson, NJ, USA
I have been using roho product for over a year now and it has helped and aided me from pressures sores. I have been in a chair for almost five years and I look forward to testing more products of roho in the near future.
I have been a wheelchair-user for 23 years and have never used any cushion other than a ROHO. I have never had any skin breakdown. I am a T3 para and am a wheelchair rappeller. I love to go rappelling in the Great Smoky Mountains. I sometimes spend 18 hours in my chair in a day, and I know that my skin is totally protected with the ROHO products.
Roho wheelchair cushions are superior, by far. I have been paralyzed, T12L1, since 1972 and have tried many different seating devices during those almost 39 years. I have been using the high-profile Roho for probably over 25 years, and have found it to be the best alternative for seating in my active lifestyle, sitting 12 to 16 hour per day. Go Roho! You Rock!
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