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ROHO Testimonials Alyson Roth Bob Vogel BULENT
Alyson Roth
Foothill Ranch, CA, United States
Bob Vogel
Loomis, CA, United States
Istanbul, .., Turkey
I was injured in 2000 and have always used a Jay Extreme cushion. However, the pain in my legs has become increasing more bothersome over the last couple years and I had a wondered if it was due to the cushion. At the Anaheim Abilities Expo in CA last year, I had the opportunity to try a ROHO cushion and was immediately impressed. It was comfortable, and the pain began to ease up. Using another product for years simply because I believed what negative things people were telling me about ROHO stopped me from ever trying ROHO. I now realize that I could have been saving myself years of pain if I had only tried ROHO sooner.
#1 pressure relief! Looking at age 50 and 25 years as a T10 Para, I know skin gets weaker over time. As an adaptive athlete and journalist, I've seen too many people get pressure sores. ROHO products keep my skin safe. Also, I can rinse them off for cleaning. They are waterproof and great for water sports. I also love that they are light weight.
Hello, I would never achieve what I have been doing for a long time without my Roho cushions. As a paraplegic, which stem from a car accident, I did not use to sit down for a long time. When sit down for a little long time it used to result in some severe wound on my back. I had tried several cushions but none of them protected me from this kind of wounds. I used to think that this is a fate of paraplegia and I should give up all my dreams. However, one day I ran into a paraplegic person and he told me about Roho. After that day, I ordered one and it changed all my life. I do not use the word, changed my life, for the hell of it. Contrarily its affect shaped all my future plans and dreams. As I got that I could sit on my chair for a long time, I decided to go to University. Before finishing my department as a first rank student and awarded for a master scholarship in the USA, I participated in several activities such as paragliding, scuba, rafting, ATV safaris in forest, horse riding and also driving a car for long road for the activities. I would never be able to achieve these activities without Roho cushion. I always have three Roho, for my car, for my wheelchair and also one more for my sportive activities. I went to the USA by plane several times for my master program. Roho was my first assistant while I was flying during 13 hours from Istanbul to Chicago. Thanks to my cushions I could challenge to difficulties of my disability. Although I was alone, I finished my program just because of my Roho Cushion as it protected me from pressure wounds. Without being safe with the cushion, I would never dare to such big journey. I would never dare to do my sportive activities which make me feel that I am still alive. Today I am planning to finish my PHD and be a professor in my country. Once again I have dreams. This simple cushion gave me courage to dream again. Roho Group does not produce simple products. The company shapes our life and put us into life again while we do not think that we could. So I really appreciate this company and its employees. Thank you very much guys...
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