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ROHO cushions are not only comfortable and of outstanding quality and technology. They're undeniably the best in the industry; but for me, they have helped me go after my dreams and achieve my goals. Furthermore, they have allowed me to live a daily life that is SAFE. By seating on a high quality cushion, I am able to protect my...Read More
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Ryan Baker
San Diego, CA, United States
Bob Vogel
Loomis, CA, United States
George Flores
Chicago , Il, U.S.A.
I like the ROHO products because they are light weight and offer a complete distribution of weight when I sit on my cushions. They look GOOD, they are comfortable and they breathe. I prefer ROHO products because they stand behind their stuff. I love the people and their continued support of our community and athletics.
#1 pressure relief! Looking at age 50 and 25 years as a T10 Para, I know skin gets weaker over time. As an adaptive athlete and journalist, I've seen too many people get pressure sores. ROHO products keep my skin safe. Also, I can rinse them off for cleaning. They are waterproof and great for water sports. I also love that they are light weight.
I am a professional Harp technician for Harpist all over the world and, the first proven in world history with a spinal cord injury to service professionally a 6' instrument with the help of a standing wheelchair. ;) For those that do not know me, I was in the music biz as both a popular Thrash Speed Metal singer, & Guitar player from 1987-1993. I later gave up the biz to start a new love. I later became one of the best Professional Harp Technician's in all the world... i worked with famous people like "METALLICA" and the S&F Symphony, The Chicago Symphony at Orchestra hall, and many more world famous musicians. As well as, all the wonderful teachers, and students, all over the world... Not too bad, for a guy raised by a single parent, growing up on the streets of Chicago. Yes, I was just in a motorcycle accident on September 11, 2004 I am alive, and well, Thanks to my friends and Family. Now, i am a big advocate, and support all sorts of programs to help better people, and our world!!!! Please feel free to google me or add me to your Facebook. Much Respect, George Flores
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