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ROHO Testimonials Terri Kacie Brent Poppen Alyson Roth
Terri Kacie
Sevierville, TN, USA
Brent Poppen
Paso Robles, CA, USA
Alyson Roth
Foothill Ranch, CA, United States
I have been a wheelchair-user for 23 years and have never used any cushion other than a ROHO. I have never had any skin breakdown. I am a T3 para and am a wheelchair rappeller. I love to go rappelling in the Great Smoky Mountains. I sometimes spend 18 hours in my chair in a day, and I know that my skin is totally protected with the ROHO products.
I had a spinal-cord injury (C - 6 incomplete) at the age of 16 (twenty years ago). I am one of the top disabled athletes in the world. I have competed in two Paralympics (2004 & 2008) in two different sports (Rugby & Tennis), along the way winning multiple national titles and gold medals. I am also a disabled wakeboarder. I have always trusted and used ROHO cushions. This is just a short foundation of my history.
     In twenty years I have never been in a hospital for injury or skin breakdowns. Not to say that I have never been injured or sick, but just never needed a hospital to take care of injuries. The ROHO products have been a direct link to the "NON development of skin breakdowns". I have traveled around the world many time over, been on planes for twenty hours at a time, been in hotels and venues that are not conducive to spinal-cord injuries and have always managed with the use of ROHO products to stay healthy.
     Recently, I had a blood and bone infection that almost took my life. The origins of this illness has never been determined, but required 10 weeks of IV antibiotics and 5 months bed rest. They found the infection in my butt and dealt with accordingly.  I am writing to you because I am thankful for the quality of your products. I am already back up spending time in my wheelchair (because the medical staff over seeing my recovery believes in the quality of ROHO), should be back at work with Children's Hospital in January 2011 and competing at Rugby Nationals in April 2011. This would not have been possible without ROHO cushions underneath my butt, providing protection while the wound is healing.
     When you have been in bed for multiple months, on multiple IV antibiotics, too sick to feed yourself and not sure if you are even going to make a recovery your mental strength diminishes. The ability to get up out of my bed and in my chair changed my mental strength and gave the darkness some light, especially feeling confident that I am not derailing my recovery because I believe in the quality of ROHO products. My Independence came back much quicker because of this. I was also able to become independent much faster with my personal care because I used ROHO toilet cushion as well.
     I just wanted to share my story. It was a long road, with many struggles, but I recognize the role that ROHO contributed to my healing and appreciate the quality of your products. I will be adding a cushion to my vehicle as well. I spend a huge amount of time in my car driving to work, lakes and competitions and I want to lessen my chances of going through this again. With your help I am hoping for at least another twenty years of good health.
I was injured in 2000 and have always used a Jay Extreme cushion. However, the pain in my legs has become increasing more bothersome over the last couple years and I had a wondered if it was due to the cushion. At the Anaheim Abilities Expo in CA last year, I had the opportunity to try a ROHO cushion and was immediately impressed. It was comfortable, and the pain began to ease up. Using another product for years simply because I believed what negative things people were telling me about ROHO stopped me from ever trying ROHO. I now realize that I could have been saving myself years of pain if I had only tried ROHO sooner.
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