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The cushions that are offered by ROHO, are by far the best wheelchair cushions, for any wheelchair user. I use a ROHO cushion for everyday use and also use a Read More
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ROHO Testimonials Ryan Baker Mark Zupan Marc McLean
Ryan Baker
San Diego, CA, United States
Mark Zupan
Austin, TX, United States
Marc McLean
Cape Coral, FL, United States
I like the ROHO products because they are light weight and offer a complete distribution of weight when I sit on my cushions. They look GOOD, they are comfortable and they breathe. I prefer ROHO products because they stand behind their stuff. I love the people and their continued support of our community and athletics.
I use ROHO products for many reasons. You can control the firmness of the cushion, it is easy to cleans, you can use the ROHO cushions in the water, on planes, in the car, at work and they are adaptable for many other uses. The customer service is superb! Using a Ti Chair and ROHO cushion together has improved my sitting positions and overall quality of life.
ROHO provides unbeatable skin protection. ROHO stands behind their products like no other. Best of all, ROHO is made in the U.S.A.
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