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I use the ROHO cushions because they are the best performing cushions that I can sit on. I don't want to worry about my health if I don't have to. ROHO is the best product on the market for keeping the pressure on your skin the lowest. Therefore it is the safest cushion and l...Read More
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ROHO Testimonials Deniseia Washington-Bugg Jerry Vaughan Carol Hickey
Deniseia Washington-Bugg
chicago, IL, U.S.A
Jerry Vaughan
Hampton, GA, United States
Carol Hickey
Atlanta, GA, USA
I have been using roho product for over a year now and it has helped and aided me from pressures sores. I have been in a chair for almost five years and I look forward to testing more products of roho in the near future.
I got a pressure sore 12 years ago using a J2 gel cushion and never knew how much a ROHO can change your life. Its very comfortable and I have never had another sore. I travel all over the US playing tennis and I would not be able to do so with out a ROHO keeping me from getting a sore.

I have a T4 spinal cord injury and have used ROHO cushions for over ten years. I lead an active life balancing full time work, being an Auntie to twin toddlers while also taking time to train and compete in fencing. While fencing, movements like the advance and retreat recovery, require a stable base. The new ROHO Hybrid elite gives me the stability I am seeking with the pressure distribution I need. The new Hybrid elite provides the essential positioning that allows me to balance all the activities in my day to remain independent. Thank you, ROHO for developing a cushion that exceeds my expectations!

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