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I use ROHO cushions because i love the ability to let out a little air or add air in 4 different sections. I use ROHO cushions because I have never had a pressure sore with ROHO cushions in 15 years. Thats the best reason for sure!  ...Read More
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Marc McLean
Cape Coral, FL, United States
Alyson Roth
Foothill Ranch, CA, United States
George Flores
Chicago , Il, U.S.A.
ROHO provides unbeatable skin protection. ROHO stands behind their products like no other. Best of all, ROHO is made in the U.S.A.
I was injured in 2000 and have always used a Jay Extreme cushion. However, the pain in my legs has become increasing more bothersome over the last couple years and I had a wondered if it was due to the cushion. At the Anaheim Abilities Expo in CA last year, I had the opportunity to try a ROHO cushion and was immediately impressed. It was comfortable, and the pain began to ease up. Using another product for years simply because I believed what negative things people were telling me about ROHO stopped me from ever trying ROHO. I now realize that I could have been saving myself years of pain if I had only tried ROHO sooner.
I am a professional Harp technician for Harpist all over the world and, the first proven in world history with a spinal cord injury to service professionally a 6' instrument with the help of a standing wheelchair. ;) For those that do not know me, I was in the music biz as both a popular Thrash Speed Metal singer, & Guitar player from 1987-1993. I later gave up the biz to start a new love. I later became one of the best Professional Harp Technician's in all the world... i worked with famous people like "METALLICA" and the S&F Symphony, The Chicago Symphony at Orchestra hall, and many more world famous musicians. As well as, all the wonderful teachers, and students, all over the world... Not too bad, for a guy raised by a single parent, growing up on the streets of Chicago. Yes, I was just in a motorcycle accident on September 11, 2004 I am alive, and well, Thanks to my friends and Family. Now, i am a big advocate, and support all sorts of programs to help better people, and our world!!!! Please feel free to google me or add me to your Facebook. Much Respect, George Flores
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