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Elite PhotoB.J. Davis
B.J. Davis
The experts in the field that I know, swear by ROHO! Whether I'm doing an interview, making an appearance, speaking to a group or performing a concert, the last thing I want to be doing is squirming about because of an uncomfortable wheelchair cushion. ROHO products take that element out of the equation by keeping me comfortable and offer me a sense of security knowing that when it comes to wheelchair seating I have the ABSOLUTE BEST and on top of that, ROHO products are MADE IN THE USA!
Elite PhotoGreg Berry
Greg Berry
I will start by saying that I believe that ROHO saved my life. I am 42 years old and have been disabled since birth. I use a wheelchair to get around. Prior to getting my first ROHO cushion when I was approximately 8 years old, I had been in and out of the hospital with skin breakdown issues on a regular basis. Since getting my first ROHO cushion, I have never used another seat cushion product and I never will. I have never had another issue with skin breakdown since beginning to use ROHO 34 years ago. I graduated from The University Of Texas at Austin in 1993 and am in full-time ministry as a Worship Pastor for a local church in San Antonio, TX. I get to perform and sing for around 1500 people per week in leading worship at Grace Point Church each and every week. I have a fabulous job and a fantastic life. I've been married for coming up on 15 years to my wonderful wife, Darci, and we've been blessed with two beautiful children. My son, Hayden, is 12 and my daughter, Emma, is 9. My life is incredibly blessed. Knowing the possible complications of skin breakdown and the devastating consequences that it can carry (as I had a friend of mine die after a battle resulting from extremely severe skin breakdown), I believe that I am alive today and experiencing all of these blessings largely because of ROHO's ability to keep me upright. As I started this testimony with, ROHO saved my life and I will NEVER even consider using another product. Thank you!
Elite PhotoBrent Poppen
Brent Poppen
Paso Robles,CA
Meet Brent Poppen of Paso Robles, CA, an avid rugby player who has been a top athlete traveling and representing our country around the world. Brent is a 2008 World Team Cup Member for Tennis, 2008 Australian Open Semi-Finalist and is on the US Paralympic Tennis Team and completed in the 2008 Beijing Paralympics. In 2009 & 2010, Brent's Sharp Rugby Team won the DI Nationals in Birmingham, AL. When he’s not participating in sports, Brent works at the local Children's Hospital, is a Public Speaker and an Organizer and Instructor of disabled youth sports camps. Brent has enthusiasm for public speaking and hopes to help inspire the lives of others. During training and competition, Brent has found that ROHO products not only hold up the best under the pressure he puts them through but more importantly provides comfort.

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