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Elite PhotoGreg Hasterok
Greg Hasterok
San Diego,CA
ROHO’s products and quality far surpass all the other brands and ROHO cushions are the only ones that can handle my active lifestyle while providing me with security and comfort I need to avoid skin breakdown. I have one for every one of my sports chairs, which allows me to focus solely on that break point opportunity in tennis or scoring the last goal in rugby with the knowledge that, whether I have been in my chair for 5 minutes or for 5 hours, I can go as long as I need because I have a ROHO under me, which means I have all of ROHO behind me, keepin me safe.
Elite PhotoWill Waller
Will Waller
I'm active personally, professionally, and athletically, which means that I am in my chair many hours throughout the day. As a member of the USA National Wheelchair Basketball Team, ROHO® has always been my cushion of choice on (and off) the court. The ROHO cushion allows me to maximize my height, while most importantly giving me peace of mind regarding skin issues. Because of the protection that a ROHO cushion offers, I am able to maintain an active lifestyle on and off the court. I've been in a chair nearly two decades and thanks to ROHO, I haven't been slowed down by a pressure sore. Beyond the benefits of the products, the customer service is world class. Regardless of the department, the members of the ROHO team always put the customer's needs first.
Elite PhotoTamara Mena
Tamara Mena
ROHO cushions are not only comfortable and of outstanding quality and technology. They're undeniably the best in the industry; but for me, they have helped me go after my dreams and achieve my goals. Furthermore, they have allowed me to live a daily life that is SAFE. By seating on a high quality cushion, I am able to protect my health by keeping autonomic disreflexia down. This is NOT luxury; it's a necessity for me! By keeping my disreflexia down, I am able to last longer in my chair and pursue everything I always wanted to do and MORE. Please know that I am FOREVER grateful for what your cushions have offered me. They have allowed me to spread my wings even wider and fly high. I even mean that literally, lol- long airplane flights sitting on my loyal ROHO. Your technology has given me a better quality of life that money solely can't buy. One could have a high performance chair, but if your seat cushion is not a good quality one, it can be detrimental to your own health. *Lastly, I want to share that one of the most important goals ROHO helped me accomplish was graduating from college. I went back to school after my injury, and although I'm sure I'm not the first one or the last one to do so, it was a difficult journey full of challenges on top of what a spinal cord injury already brings. After long days (of course always sitting on my super ROHO), I graduated with highest honors and I now work and remain very active; as you can see, I have long days, but my super ROHO is always under me supporting me all the way:). I hope to be able to represent you because I believe in what ROHO CAN DO for people and together for what WE can do in this life. Thank YOU! Tamara Mena
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