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* Tammy Cunnington Elite Member
Tammy Cunnington
Red Deer, AB
I began using ROHO® products because of trouble with pressure sores. I am a paratriathlete, handcyclist and sitskiier and I could not afford down time from training due to pain or sores. I began using the ROHO cushion and it elliviated almost all difficulties with pressure. I am also an avid traveler and spending long days in my chair bumping over cobblestones or other rough terrain would often cause pain and I would have to shorten the length of my touring day. Now with the ROHO cushion I never have to consider the number of hours in my chair or what type of terrain I will be riding over. The ROHO cushions have improved my comfort on long flights and just overall improved my quality of life. 
testimonial Carol Hickey
Carol Hickey
Atlanta, GA

I have a T4 spinal cord injury and have used ROHO cushions for over ten years. I lead an active life balancing full time work, being an Auntie to twin toddlers while also taking time to train and compete in fencing. While fencing, movements like the advance and retreat recovery, require a stable base. The new ROHO Hybrid elite gives me the stability I am seeking with the pressure distribution I need. The new Hybrid elite provides the essential positioning that allows me to balance all the activities in my day to remain independent. Thank you, ROHO for developing a cushion that exceeds my expectations!

testimonial Alyson Roth
Alyson Roth
Foothill Ranch, CA
United States
I was injured in 2000 and have always used a Jay Extreme cushion. However, the pain in my legs has become increasing more bothersome over the last couple years and I had a wondered if it was due to the cushion. At the Anaheim Abilities Expo in CA last year, I had the opportunity to try a ROHO cushion and was immediately impressed. It was comfortable, and the pain began to ease up. Using another product for years simply because I believed what negative things people were telling me about ROHO stopped me from ever trying ROHO. I now realize that I could have been saving myself years of pain if I had only tried ROHO sooner.
testimonial James V Potter, Ph.D.
James V Potter, Ph.D.
Anderson, CA
http://www.liveroho.com/graphics/design/testimonialsubmit/textarea_background.gif Cushion has helped mitigate the tissue pain in my bottom, however, I would make one very important suggestion: put the valve on the right side rather than in the front so one can reach it themselves! Having to have one's caregiver reach down between one's legs to open and close the valve does not do a great deal for one's self-respect. docpotter