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* David Jordan Elite Member
David Jordan
Chapel Hill, TN
The cushions that are offered by ROHO, are by far the best wheelchair cushions, for any wheelchair user. I use a ROHO cushion for everyday use and also use a ROHO cushion in my sports chair, on my lawnmower and on my ATV. I feel such relief from not worrying about how long I've been sitting or moving around on different seated areas. ROHO, by far, has kept me out of trouble, for all the years I have been in a wheelchair and living the lifestyle I live.
testimonial Bob Vogel
Bob Vogel
Loomis, CA
United States
#1 pressure relief! Looking at age 50 and 25 years as a T10 Para, I know skin gets weaker over time. As an adaptive athlete and journalist, I've seen too many people get pressure sores. ROHO products keep my skin safe. Also, I can rinse them off for cleaning. They are waterproof and great for water sports. I also love that they are light weight.
testimonial Carol Hickey
Carol Hickey
Atlanta, GA

I have a T4 spinal cord injury and have used ROHO cushions for over ten years. I lead an active life balancing full time work, being an Auntie to twin toddlers while also taking time to train and compete in fencing. While fencing, movements like the advance and retreat recovery, require a stable base. The new ROHO Hybrid elite gives me the stability I am seeking with the pressure distribution I need. The new Hybrid elite provides the essential positioning that allows me to balance all the activities in my day to remain independent. Thank you, ROHO for developing a cushion that exceeds my expectations!

testimonial Marc McLean
Marc McLean
Cape Coral, FL
United States
ROHO provides unbeatable skin protection. ROHO stands behind their products like no other. Best of all, ROHO is made in the U.S.A.