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* Paul Tingley Elite Member
Paul Tingley
Halifax, No
I use the ROHO cushions because they are the best performing cushions that I can sit on. I don't want to worry about my health if I don't have to. ROHO is the best product on the market for keeping the pressure on your skin the lowest. Therefore it is the safest cushion and light too. I enjoy having the peace of mind that I can sit on a ROHO for 16 hours a day and not have any worries. It is an amazing product. Many thanks to ROHO.
testimonial Jerry Vaughan
Jerry Vaughan
Hampton, GA
United States
I got a pressure sore 12 years ago using a J2 gel cushion and never knew how much a ROHO can change your life. Its very comfortable and I have never had another sore. I travel all over the US playing tennis and I would not be able to do so with out a ROHO keeping me from getting a sore.
testimonial Bob Vogel
Bob Vogel
Loomis, CA
United States
#1 pressure relief! Looking at age 50 and 25 years as a T10 Para, I know skin gets weaker over time. As an adaptive athlete and journalist, I've seen too many people get pressure sores. ROHO products keep my skin safe. Also, I can rinse them off for cleaning. They are waterproof and great for water sports. I also love that they are light weight.
testimonial Lylah Bradford
Lylah Bradford
, California
I was surprised by my partner and our close friends with an ATV of my very own (until now I have been borrowing one).  I was so excited I didn't want to get off it all night!  About 30 minutes into sitting on it my ischaels were starting to complain, though.  No problem, I placed my new Airhawk 2 on there and I was good for the rest of the night!  Probably sat on it for, oh, 3 hours :) I've been on one short ride so far, with a long ride planned in 3 weeks.  The adventure begins!