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* Abel J.T. Rose Elite Member
Abel J.T. Rose
Waxahachie , Tx
Custom cushions have been made for Abel's chairs and he is loving them!
testimonial Ryan Baker
Ryan Baker
San Diego, CA
United States
I like the ROHO products because they are light weight and offer a complete distribution of weight when I sit on my cushions. They look GOOD, they are comfortable and they breathe. I prefer ROHO products because they stand behind their stuff. I love the people and their continued support of our community and athletics.
testimonial Lylah Bradford
Lylah Bradford
, California
I was surprised by my partner and our close friends with an ATV of my very own (until now I have been borrowing one).  I was so excited I didn't want to get off it all night!  About 30 minutes into sitting on it my ischaels were starting to complain, though.  No problem, I placed my new Airhawk 2 on there and I was good for the rest of the night!  Probably sat on it for, oh, 3 hours :) I've been on one short ride so far, with a long ride planned in 3 weeks.  The adventure begins! 
testimonial George Flores
George Flores
Chicago , Il
I am a professional Harp technician for Harpist all over the world and, the first proven in world history with a spinal cord http://www.liveroho.com/graphics/design/testimonialsubmit/textarea_background.gif injury to service professionally a 6' instrument with the help of a standing wheelchair. ;) For those that do not know me, I was in the music biz as both a popular Thrash Speed Metal singer, & Guitar player from 1987-1993. I later gave up the biz to start a new love. I later became one of the best Professional Harp Technician's in all the world... i worked with famous people like "METALLICA" and the S&F Symphony, The Chicago Symphony at Orchestra hall, and many more world famous musicians. As well as, all the wonderful teachers, and students, all over the world... Not too bad, for a guy raised by a single parent, growing up on the streets of Chicago. Yes, I was just in a motorcycle accident on September 11, 2004 I am alive, and well, Thanks to my friends and Family. Now, i am a big advocate, and support all sorts of programs to help better people, and our world!!!! Please feel free to google me or add me to your Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1220422500 Much Respect, George Flores